Wedding Cakes

Getting married is one of the best days of your life and making sure everything runs smoothly including the photos of your cake to last you a lifetime.

With wedding cakes the traditional fruit cake is still the most popular and as for the recipe I was given this by my grandmother who had honed it to perfection after many years of baking. It really does make a sumptuously, delicious, dark and moist cake which is perfect for any wedding celebration.Wedding Cake.

As well as fruit, I also make Madeira cake which has a moist texture, yet is firm enough for decorating stunning flower arrangements. If you would like to be more creative then why not try a complete chocolate cake with white, milk and dark chocolate and decorated with every kind of chocolate you could imagine, ideal for any chocolate lover!! Along with fruit, Madeira and chocolate cake these can be adapted to any design that is required by each customer, what you request I can make, you decide!!.

Two tier fruit cake Cakes Average Portions Cost
  8",6" 45 164
  10",8" 90 231
  12",10" 160 293
Three tier fruit cake Cakes Average Portions Cost
  8",6",4" 60 192
  10",8",6" 100 287
  12",10",8" 190 366
  14",12",10" 300 449
Two tier Sponge cake Cakes Average Portions Cost
  8",6" 25 158
  10,8" 45 209
  12",10" 75-80 259
Three tier Sponge cake Cakes Average Portions Cost
  8",6",4" 30 180
  10",8",6" 45-55 279
  12",10",8" 90-100 344


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Filling Options

Available fillings are:

Vanilla butter cream
Chocolate butter cream
Lemon butter cream
Coffee butter cream
Strawberrry jam