Baking is more than just a profession for me, it is a lifelong passion, and I can bring that passion to your special occasion to make it that little bit sweeter!

When I was a little girl I used to help my Nan make bread and pasties for the local bakery, and over the years I fell in love with making special treats, starting off with pictures on top of the cakes and moving onto ever more elaborate designs. My love of baking has always stayed with me and since 2001 I have been making your special occasions that little bit special.

When I became a mother I realised it was time to make my hobby a career, so I embarked on a course in cake making, and since then I have never looked back. Nine years later and I have made birthday, wedding, anniversary and christening cakes in all shapes and sizes, from boats to cars to teddies. I can even turn your cake into a magical fairy castle or manly snooker table (Just don't try to play on it!)

I love making cakes of all shapes and sizes, from traditional wedding cakes to unusual requests, and I take pride in each and every cake I make. Let me help your special occasion be that little bit more delicious!

Special Occasions

Novelty cakes, Kids cakes, Christenings, Celebration, Anniversary, Special Occasion, Christmas, Easter and, of course, Wedding cakes.

We Love Weddings

We love weddings and will treat your cake with the care and attention it deserves.